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Montana Health &Wellness Retreat
September 26-30

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Join our friends at  ABC Fitness for a health oriented adventure retreat in Montana.

Escape to the Beauty of Glacier National Park:
Join a Like-Minded Community for a 4-Days

Unplug and rejuvenate, embracing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our Wellness Retreat, in Montana, promises a 4-night journey like no other.

Experience a deep sense of belonging within our close-knit community, and redefine your approach to travel by embracing an adventurous lifestyle.


During your stay, you’ll engage in transformative activities, including breathwork, functional training, picturesque hikes, hands-on cooking classes, revitalizing IV therapy, and intimate coaching discussions.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure your experience is truly unforgettable, leaving you with lasting, positive changes that will enrich not only your own life but also the lives of those around you.

What’s Included:

  • All lodging during the event

  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks

  • All activities

  • Talks with coaches

  • Guided sessions/discussions/reflections

  • Adventures

  • Transportation.

  • Nutrition / Hydration


You’ll enjoy delicious, healthy food from a private chef, approved by our advisors and used by our community to fuel their daily lives. Lunch and dinners are done family style. Meals consist of lean meats, fish, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts etc. Vegetarian / Vegan requests are accommodated upon request. Water and snacks are provided throughout.

Not Included:


Coffee & Contrast (coming summer)

Community Events

Taking place in Orange, CA, experience breathwork, sauna, ice baths over some great coffee & tacos with great people!  We have some great partners. Hope to see you there! Join our email list for the latest updates.

Private Events

Book a private event or multi-day retreat at one of our regular locations or bring us onsite to one of yours. Our unique tools to integrate mind, body & spirit will get you off automatic and bring you fully present to tap into your dreams, tap into enjoyment & tap into your power. 

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