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Exclusive Services

We have a few certifications for coaches of athletes & coaches & therapists to deepen their understanding of these tools and how to implement and teach them to their clients. 

1 Day Breath & Recover Training for Coaches

Crossfit CEU approved

This is our basic 1-day training for coaches and trainers. This course will give you the most practical and powerful tools for high impact on your athletes. In this course, you will learn the science, mechanics, assessments, with, and exercises for performance breathing. You will also have an experience of the exercises and practice coaching these new tools. You will learn the science, practices, protocols and context for sauna and ice bath therapies. Here is our outline: ​​​

  • Exercises & Coaching Practice -                       90 mins

  • Experiential Breathing Session -                      45mins

  • Questions & Reflection –                                  15 mins

  • Science of Sauna and Ice Baths –                   30 mins

  • Contextualizing Contrast Therapy –               15 mins

  • Protocols & Safety for Sauna & Ice Baths -   15mins

  • Practice Explaining/Coaching                          30mins

  • Experience & Coach Sauna & Ice Bath  -       60mins

  • Questions and Final Thoughts –                     30mins

  • Assessment & Mechanics –                             30 mins

  • The Science of Breathing –                              60 mins

Power Coaching Certification

This is our 4 day advanced certification. This is great for coaching & trainers looking to deeper their understanding of these tools and/or people wanting to take this work to a specific demographic as a business. This course will include a few books: The Oxygen Advantage, Breathing for Warriors & Breathe. In this certification you will get the very best of my certifications learning the science, mechanics, exercises and clinical coaching skills to effectively teach this to your clients. This will also include sauna and ice baths and some fitness, nutrition & sleep performance. This will be very experiential and hands on coaching. The last day will be a short workshop you run on your own and receive feedback. We will cover the business side and psychological framing. Please email us for this certification. 

Coaching Academy

Learn how to coach the mental/emotional. 

Do you naturally lead and influence people? Do you have an intuitive desire to have meaningful conversations? Are you a executive, parent, or counselor who navigates high-stakes conversations? Would you like to launch your own coaching practice?

The Leadership Coaching Academy is designed for you.

At the LCA you’ll engage in an immersive six-month process in a dedicated, intimate community to become a leadership coach.

The Leadership Coaching Academy is designed to be different. This coach training program is crafted to be deeply transformative for you, as well as those you lead. Over six months, you’ll experience:

  • Two live weekends plus online learning in between

  • Six group calls and five individual coaching calls

  • Peer coaching, industry-relevant reading, and data-driven

And, because we believe in coaching the whole person, we integrate conversations around embodiment, spirituality, values, past history, and inclusivity, in addition to somatic practices proven to re-wire the brain to create new thoughts and habits.

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