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Private Events

90 min 

For small groups to get an intro to our mind, body & spirit model through mental/emotional growth, breathing exercises & sauna & ice baths to reduce stress, increase energy and enjoyment of life, and boost performance. 

Wim Hof Method Fundamentals

As featured on GOOP LAB, holding 26 world records, Wim Hof has his own unique method backed by science! Experience & learn about the Wim Hof Method fundamentals: breathing exercises, the cold & the mind/commitment. This workshop is 4 hrs.

Wim Hof Method Advanced 

Take your Wim Hof skills to a new level. Learn advanced breathing techniques, new cold exercises, and powerful mindset/commitment tools. Prerequisite is the WHM Fundamentals.

Half day

A more in-depth time with our mind, body & spirit content including breathing exercises, mental/emotional growth, group coaching, identifying limiting stories and creating new ones,  magic, yes magic, sauna & ice baths. 

Full Day 

A full day with our mind, body & spirit content. This includes everything in the half-day, has more breathing sessions, outdoor activities and more time for group and individual coaching. 

Multi-day Offsite/Retreat

Let Power Coaching facilitate your next offsite or retreat. You can use one of our frequent locations or bring us onsite to one of yours. We use our framework to bring you present in mind, body & spirit to free you of limitations & tap into your power.

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